Hot Stone Massage at The Carrick Clinic PrestwickA Hot Stone Massage is a very relaxing treatment that uses heat to reach muscle tension at the deepest level, allowing the muscles to relax more quickly than with normal massage.  Smooth, volcanic stones are heated in water and placed on energy centres on the body, called chakras, while others are used to perform the massage.

The deep sense of relaxation also helps to relieve mental stress and give a feeling of wellbeing.  Blood and lymph circulation is increased in the tissues, assisting the body’s natural detox process. As with any massage, benefits include relief of aches and pains, reduced feelings of stress and less muscle tension.

Lynsey Mounce is qualified to give Hot Stone Massage at The Carrick Clinic.

Hot Stone Massage at The Carrick Clinic

A Hot Stone Massage makes a wonderful gift!  Contact us to find out how a Carrick Clinic gift voucher can make the perfect present.

Hot Stone Massage Time Price
Back, neck & shoulder 45 mins £35.00
Full body 1 ½ hours £50.00