Hypnotherapy at The Carrick Clinic Prestwick

Hypnotherapy is a natural way to access our subconscious thoughts in order to change unwanted negative behaviour and remind ourselves about the positive strengths and talents we may have forgotten. Hypnotherapy is an ideal solution to aid weight loss, stop smoking and overcome fears and phobias.

Our hypnotherapist Morgan Donald who is trained to lead people into a state of hypnosis where they can change restrictive beliefs or unwanted habits.  A person under hypnosis has full control at all times and the sensation is similar to daydreaming.

Areas in your life where hypnotherapy can help include:


  • stopping smoking
  • performance anxiety
  • healthy eating – including the popular ‘Gastric Band’ process
  • stress reduction


Please contact us for more details.

Hypnotherapy at The Carrick Clinic

Hypnotherapy Time Price
Stop smoking (one session only) up to 1.5 hrs £60.00
First Session (all other issues incl Gastric Band) up to 1.5hrs £50.00
Subsequent Sessions (incl Gastric Band) up to 1 hour £40.00