Podiatry and Chiropody at The Carrick Clinic PrestwickFoot health is extremely important, particularly as we get older and if we have health conditions like diabetes.  The Carrick Clinic offers a full podiatry service from our Health Professions Council registered podiatrist Simon Littlejohn.  This includes not only routine chiropody but also nail surgery.

Simon also specialises in Biomechanics – assessing gait and creating custom made orthotic insoles to help relieve pain and stress on the joints.

Routine Podiatry

Toenail cutting
Thinning/thick toenail treatment
Fungal foot/nail treatment
Callous (hard skin) removal
Corn removal
Verruca treatment with Cryo-spray
Nail surgery (under local anaesthetic)

Diabetic foot care

Monitoring circulation and nerve supply and footcare advice.

Podiatric Acupuncture

Suitable for many instances of arthritic joints; poor circulation; restless legs; shin splints; Compartment Syndrome; tendonitis; heel spur/plantar fasciitis; trapped nerves and painful scars.

Podiatry at The Carrick Clinic

Contact us for more details and to make an appointment.

General Podiatry Time Price
Initial consultation & treatment 40 mins £28.00
Routine follow up visits 20 mins £28.00
Prices for other services vary